High energy, high engagement - that’s what you get with each one of my talks, breakouts, and workshops. I don't know how NOT to rock your audience.
Whether you're getting a 45-minute keynote or a full-day workshop, your audience will be fully engaged from start to finish. When people leave my workshops, they take their next step, find their own voice, and rock their brand - personally and professionally.
"When you look out on an audience and see everyone’s attention is focused on the speaker
and not on their smartphones, you know you are witnessing something special.
- Robert Demarzo, Senior VP Event Content & Strategy, The Channel Company
The Long & Short of a Tall Badass
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Want a custom video for YOUR event?

I love creating little videos for your audience. Tell me what you'd like me to record & I'll get you a shareable YouTube video for your marketing. Send me a note here or ask Michelle.

My Talk Write-Ups

Need to copy/paste one of my talk write-ups into your own marketing? TA-DA! It's all here in a Google Doc for your copying/pasting pleasure.

My Bio

If you want to learn more about me, read here.
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My Portraits

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My AV Req's

1. Small AV table in the front of the room for my laptop 
2. Screen projector
3. Screen (preferably off center – right or left corner) big enough to fill the space behind me
4. Lavaliere microphone

Send me a love note if you have any questions.

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