Stop Being Embarrassed About Who You Are - an interview with Isang Udokwere

June 29, 2016

Hard lessons about insecurity and worrying about what other people think

When Isang sent in a cartoon for his application video (click here or scroll down to watch it!), we knew he fit Sisarina’s core values to the T. From the day he walked in the door, he’s been innovating and jumped in as our social strategist taking on the Sisarina brand voice like it was his own.

Isang tells us about being embarrassed about who he really was, how learning how to listen by almost kissing his teacher was a turning point, and how Apple doesn’t sell you technology. This self-proclaimed hipster nerd wears floral shirts and kickass shoes while also learning how to focus in order to show off who he was really meant to be.

In this episode, you’ll find out how to embrace your inner nerd and find a place to work that fits you instead of just a job. 

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STUFF ISANG SHARES ON THE PODCAST: - super random mind-blowing stuff around the world

Check out the cartoon he made to get his dream job.

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