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"When you look out on an audience and see everyone’s attention is focused on the speaker and not on their smartphones, you know you are witnessing something special."

- Robert Demarzo, Senior VP Event Content & Strategy, The Channel Company

High energy, high engagement - that’s what you get with each one of my talks & breakouts. Whether it’s a 45-minute keynote or a 2-hour breakout session, your humans will forget they even have phones and email to check. When people leave my workshops, they take their next step, find their own voice, and rock their brand - personally and professionally.

Choose one of the following & my lovely booking manager, Michelle, will make sure we have all the details to customize the length to fit your audience and budget. 

ROCK YOUR BRAND STORY: Business is Human-to-Human

Do you remember the last time you heard a truly great story? When you think back on it, you don't remember all of the details but you remember how it made you feel. Great brands make sure you feel something when they share their story - it's time to write your own great story.
This talk speaks to the organizations that have stories to tell but haven't figured out how to share them - yet. Looking at how big brands with big budgets tell stories and how you can tell yours with any budget, I'll share how you can take their ideas and implement them for your own organization.
In this 45-min keynote or 3-hour workshop, you'll get:
  • examples of brands who tell great stories
  • ways to tell your own stories
  • tips on how to build brand ambassadorship
  • help to make sure people are talking about you
It's up to YOU to rock your brand story!

Find out what you're getting yourself into: Want more business? Stop selling. Build a club.



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ROCK YOUR LIFE: From Miserable to Beautiful

Look around - is everything beige? When did your Crayola box of colors disappear and your idea of adulting become so boring? What happened to that amped-up kid - the one who was happy to jump on her bike and ride as fast as she could to the lake near her house and play all day with her friends? Badasses don't wear beige.

When you walk into a room, do you make it brighter or darker? Many of us live beautiful lives, yet are miserable. But the opposite is also quite true. Those who live in the most miserable conditions tend to be the most beautiful human beings. It's time to take a deep look at ourselves and see the purpose we were given to live out in this lifetime.

Everyone has a purpose, but few actually use them. When we are living on purpose, we spread light. When we share our light with others, we are able to change the world. Let's find your thing, create a plan, and start making the impact you were put here to make. But let me warn you, you may need to clear out some stuff in your life to make that happen - job, friends, family, to-do lists, priorities. Are you truly ready to live a beautiful life of color?

In this 45min keynote or 3-hour workshop, we'll start:

  • Telling your story
  • Understanding your own personal brand
  • Finding your purpose
  • Putting together a plan for taking the next step

It's up to YOU to rock your life!

WATCH DEMO: Rock Your Life

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ROCK YOUR PITCH: Storytelling with Numbers

You have to pitch for money for your business or project.
You have to tell your boss you deserve a raise.
You have to explain why your project is going to be successful.

You have numbers to support your reasons for getting what you want and you understand that numbers matter. But it's up to you to convince them - using data AND story - that you truly deserve this thing you want. In order to get to X (numbers), you've got to explain Y (why).

This talk speaks to the humans who believe numbers tell the story AND to the humans who believe stories tell the numbers. Looking at both sides to ensure everyone gets the information they need, you'll be able to craft a presentation from the story the numbers tell in a succinct, simple, and manageable way. You'll walk away with things you can change immediately in your current presentation or just what you needed to create the one that's in your head. You've got to make your pitch by making an impact.

In this 45min keynote or 3-hour workshop, you'll start:

  • Finding out how the numbers can tell a story
  • Getting tips on how to tell the story without boring people
  • Seeing why it matters that you make your audience feel something
  • Seeing how the story AND the numbers make the impact

It's up to YOU to rock your pitch!

Find out more about this talk by taking this free mini-course: The DISH Method

SEE SLIDES: Rock Your Pitch


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ROCK YOUR STORY: From Work Suit to Supersuit

The human race has been telling stories since the dawn of time. We are natural storytellers. We have shared everything about who we are through stories - from oral traditions & scrolls to books, movies & podcasts. Now we have social media - the fastest, easiest, and most volatile place to share. It can be scary - so we hide. 
We hide in our "suits" - our blue work suits, our mom yoga pants suits, or our hardcore leather jackets suits - keeping our stories to ourselves so no one hurts us - again. We are comfortable in our silence, only making small talk or gossiping. Until our story starts leaking out and we realize we need a Supersuit to help us through.
The best storytellers are the biggest superheroes. One day, they put on just ONE little piece of the Supersuit, maybe a super booty - and then kept adding until they became full-on superheroes. They're out there saving the world on the daily. They didn't do it alone - and neither will you.
In this 45min keynote or 3-hour workshop, we'll start: 
  • Finding your most impactful stories
  • Getting you comfortable with sharing your story
  • Working through the methodology to great storytelling
  • Practicing your story for every day us
It's up to you to rock your story!




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